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The work of the Structural Psychologist is currently focused on three areas:

Providing scientific, research, and educational materials for the development and promotion of public knowledge in the field of mental health;

1) Psychotherapy: I am currently excluded from providing specialized psychotherapy services, and psychotherapy sessions are held informally.

Friends who would like to have non-attending psychotherapy sessions can be contacted at:

Call, introduce themselves and announce their contact details; call them subsequently


Friends, students and professors who intend to do research in the medical field,

Psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience can put forward their ideas and ideas

They will contact me via email and will be contacted subsequently

Refer to the footer of the site to see the educational backgrounds and addresses of the psychoanalytic thinker on social networks.


Our translated content only provides information, not recommend the content of the pages and our translated documentation is for general information only. They do not intend and do not want the advice you need to rely on. This is by no means a substitute for specific advice. Therefore, before taking any action based on this information, or dismissing any professional or expert advice, you must do so beforehand.

If you have questions about medical issues, you should consult your health care provider or other health care provider without any problems.

If you think you are being exposed to medical conditions, you should see a specialist from your doctor or other healthcare professional.

No representation, warranty or warranty

Although we make reasonable efforts to collect accurate information in our leaflets and update the information on our website, we make no warranty, warranty or warranty, either express or implied, that the contents of this section Be accurate, complete or up to date.

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